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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Develop a healthy work environment
Retention is your best recruitment strategy and it begins with developing healthy and engaging workplaces that retain staff. While ensuring safe and quality patient care is a priority for every healthcare system, it's also important to establish a culture that recognizes and values the staff members who provide that care.
Back injuries, workplace violence, needle hazards, chemical exposures, and work stress are just a few examples that may threaten you and your staff members' health. But, just as you’re developing quality improvement initiatives for improving patient care, you can also pilot strategies for improving workplace safety for you and your staff.
Let’s say, for example, one of your nurses asks to speak with you confidentially and tells you her ex-husband has been making threatening phone calls. He showed up last week unannounced at her home and threatened her with bodily harm. Does your human resources office have a counselor available to work with this issue? Is this a responsibility of the nurse manager or your organization?
This can be a gray area for some nurse managers as well as organizations and the best learning occurs from each other. Feel free to join this conversation by responding with what’s working or not working in your organization to develop a healthy workplace for you and your staff.
Dennis R. Sherrod, EdD, RN