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Monday, April 8, 2019

Looking back to when we changed our name

​Did you know Nursing Management once went by a different name? Starting with our first issue in 1970, we published our journal under the name Supervisor Nurse for about a decade until the journal's staff, led at the time by Editor Leah Curtin, decided to make a change. 

Here is a look back to our September 1981 issue (Volume 12, Issue 9), the first issue published under our current name. 

Sept 81 name change cover.jpgSept 81 cover 2.jpg

In an editorial on the decision, Curtin said readers had repeatedly requested the change due to changes in nursing management that were taking place at that time.

"Yesterday's nurses had 'bosses,' and those bosses were nursing supervisors," Curtin wrote. "Today's nurses are more educated and independent. They know, better than anyone else, how to perform their functions. They don't want or need bosses, but they do want and need the support, guidance and direction that results from good management practice."

Sept 81 name change editorial.jpg

The full issue is available online to our subscribers here.

Check back with our blog or on social media as we celebrate our 50th volume by highlighting entire issues or specific content from our archives throughout 2019.  

Volume 12 Issue 9