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Best of 2017

Updated:   12/19/2017
Contains:  15 items
Here we've gathered our picks for the best of 2017.

Executive Extra

Updated:   10/2/2018
Contains:  26 items
Here we've gathered the latest from our Executive Extra column, targeted to senior- and executive-level nurse leaders.

For New Managers

Updated:   4/27/2018
Contains:  42 items
Here we've gathered articles to help new managers achieve their goals.

Magnet Excellence

Updated:   4/27/2018
Contains:  22 items
Here we've gathered articles to help you on your Magnet recognition journey.

Original Research

Updated:   6/21/2010
Contains:  9 items
Here we've gathered our results from recent surveys.

Patient Safety

Creator:   Nursing Management
Updated:   4/27/2018
Contains:  83 items

Performance Potential

Updated:   10/2/2018
Contains:  32 items
Realize your team's performance potential with this collection of archived articles.

Team Concepts

Updated:   8/31/2018
Contains:  20 items
Learn how to motivate, inspire, and lead your team.