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  • Updated:   10/16/2020
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Here we've gathered articles to help new managers achieve their goals.
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Using the flipped classroom to apply survival skills for new clinical leaders

Zwerneman, Karen; Tolentino, Luz “Remy”; Pilcher, Jobeth

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 50(1):28-34, January 2019.

This article describes one healthcare system's efforts to improve its orientation process for new clinical leaders, including those from the nursing, respiratory, lab, and pharmacy departments.

Developing a staffing plan to meet inpatient unit needs

Hunt, Pamela S.

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 49(5):24-31, May 2018.

This first in a two-part series discusses the process for calculating the number of full-time equivalents on your current schedule and to cover mode volume.

How to achieve empirical outcomes in the ED

Duran, Janine Liza

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 49(4):34-39, April 2018.

Learn how using transformational leadership and innovative marketing strategies can boost staff engagement and lead to team success.

The impact of human capital management

Lee, Esther; Daugherty, JoAnn; Eskierka, Kim; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 49(3):42-48, March 2018.

The most successful organizations treat their employees as valuable assets. Get tips from one organization's journey to promote best practices, enhance employee engagement, and tackle multigenerational workforce challenges.

Our finalist: Venetia Green

Floyd, Rebecca

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 49(2):40-43, February 2018.

Read the entry submitted in recognition of Venetia Green, MSM, BSN, RN, CMSRN, director of inpatient nursing services at Schneck Medical Center in Seymour, Ind., and award finalist.

Improving real-time vital signs documentation

Fuller, Tina; Fox, Becky; Lake, Donna; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 49(1):28-33, January 2018.

This quality improvement project set out to increase real-time collection and documentation of vital signs data by using interfaced mobile vital signs machines. Did it succeed?

Ripple effect: Shared governance and nurse engagement

Ong, Allison; Short, Nancy; Radovich, Patricia; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 48(10):28-34, October 2017.

This evidence-based quality improvement project evaluates the influence of a shared governance environment on RN engagement and turnover rates.

Nurse leader emotional intelligence: How does it affect clinical nurse job satisfaction?

Coladonato, Angela R.; Manning, Mary Lou

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 48(9):26-32, September 2017.

This article investigates the extent to which nurse manager emotional intelligence predicts clinical nurse job satisfaction rates.

Get the lead out: Responding to unplanned change

O'Keefe, Patricia A.; Jones, Carol S.; Kowalski, Mildred Ortu; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 48(6):24-30, June 2017.

Transformational leaders at one medical center took swift action to minimize negative impact when lead surfaced in the water supply.

NSI reports: Supporting Australian healthcare governance

Robertson, Jennifer; Mitchell, Marion; Moss, Sandra; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 48(4):36-42, April 2017.

Delve into a nurse-sensitive indicator pilot project, which yielded standardized electronic reports to ease healthcare management “down under.”

Nurse perceptions of traditional and bedside shift report

Small, Deborah C.; Fitzpatrick, Joyce J.

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 48(2):44-49, February 2017.

This study used survey results to compare nurses' attitudes about traditional shift report versus a structured bedside shift report.

Take a “sticky” note on brainstorming

Reeder, George

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 48(1):32-37, January 2017.

Through the Slip Method and a priority-payoff matrix, nurse leaders can engage their employees, garner support, and develop actionable plans to improve patient care.

Dimensions of inclusive care: A young transgender patient sparks the need for an immediate education action plan.

Kroning, Maureen; Green, Jonathan; Kroning, Kayla

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 48(1):22-26, January 2017.

A young transgender patient sparks the need for an immediate education action plan at one hospital. What can you learn from their experience?


Gallagher, Lisa A.

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 41(4):34-39, April 2010.

Now in effect for several years, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is both underinterpreted and overinterpreted. What, exactly, are the myths and facts of this intricate law?