Best of 2017

Updated:   12/19/2017
Contains:  15 items
Here we've gathered our picks for the best of 2017.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence

Sensmeier, Joyce

Nursing Management. 48(11):14-19, November 2017.

The data-rich nature of healthcare makes it the perfect stage to transform numbers into actionable information that improves patient care.

Standout nurse leaders...What's in the research?

Hughes, Vickie

Nursing Management. 48(9):16-24, September 2017.

Countless studies aim to uncover the characteristics of great nurse leaders. Here, learn what these invaluable individuals have in common.

Are your Gen X nurses satisfied?

Christopher, Sybèle Anne; Waters, Donna; Chiarella, Mary

Nursing Management. 48(8):24-31, August 2017.

Explore how the right work environment can influence job satisfaction and reduce turnover in this generation.

Interprofessional team performance, optimized

Poston, Rebecca; Haney, Tina; Kott, Karen; More

Nursing Management. 48(7):36-43, July 2017.

Explore a framework for overcoming challenges using organizational psychology that facilitates a common language among team members.

Get the lead out: Responding to unplanned change

O'Keefe, Patricia A.; Jones, Carol S.; Kowalski, Mildred Ortu; More

Nursing Management. 48(6):24-30, June 2017.

Transformational leaders at one medical center took swift action to minimize negative impact when lead surfaced in the water supply.

Demystifying nursing Research at the Bedside

Chipps, Esther; Nash, Mary; Buck, Jacalyn; More

Nursing Management. 48(4):28-35, April 2017.

Research responsibilities extend well beyond academia. You can support the process by assessing organizational structures.

Nurse scientists: One size doesn't fit all

Vessey, Judith A.; McCabe, Margaret; Lulloff, Amanda J.

Nursing Management. 48(2):26-34, February 2017.

This first part of our new research series teaches you how to select the right researcher for your organization.

Dimensions of inclusive care: A young transgender patient sparks the need for an immediate education action plan.

Kroning, Maureen; Green, Jonathan; Kroning, Kayla

Nursing Management. 48(1):22-26, January 2017.

A young transgender patient sparks the need for an immediate education action plan at one hospital. What can you learn from their experience?