November/December 2022 - Volume 20 - Issue 6 : Nursing made Incredibly Easy

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November/December 2022 - Volume 20 - Issue 6
pp: 4-1


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The nurse's quick guide to I.V. drug calculations: Neurology case study

Wilson, Kelley Miller; Wilson, Elizabeth Megan

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 20(6):28-33, November/December 2022.

Medication calculation accuracy is essential for all patients. Nurses must become proficient with co...

Your role in infection prevention

Powers, Jan; Rogers, Candace

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 20(6):34-40, November/December 2022.

Utilizing the skills and knowledge outlined in this article, nurses can facilitate patient recovery ...

NCPD Connection

What's the buzz about buprenorphine? A pharmacologic overview

Moore, Dorothy James

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 20(6):10-18, November/December 2022.

Buprenorphine is a pain and opioid addiction treatment medication you may not have encountered. Here...

Serotonin syndrome: Unmasking the symptoms

Saathoff, Angela

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 20(6):20-27, November/December 2022.

This article discusses the roles of serotonin, the use of serotonergic agents, the diagnosis of sero...