September/October 2022 - Volume 20 - Issue 5 : Nursing made Incredibly Easy

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September/October 2022 - Volume 20 - Issue 5
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Simplifying neurologic assessment

Rank, Wendi

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 20(5):32-37, September/October 2022.

Neurologic assessment can be intimidating, especially if you work in a unit where it isn't routinely...

NCPD Connection

Trouble with the lungs: Pneumothorax and hemothorax

Perkins, Amanda

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 20(5):12-22, September/October 2022.

Help to save a life by understanding the conditions, causes, identification, and treatment of pneumo...

Atrial fibrillation: What nurses need to know

Georgilis, Shenaz; Byfield, Carlene

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 20(5):24-31, September/October 2022.

Nurses can improve patient outcomes by learning what to look for to identify cardiac dysrhythmias ea...