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May-June 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 3
pp: 5-56


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Ask an Expert

Disaster planning: Are you ready?

Kirwan, Michelle Maybell

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 9(3):18-24, May-June 2011.

Increasing emphasis is being placed on emergency management. It's important for nurses—no matter where they work—to have basic training in disaster management and mass casualty incidents. We give you the lowdown.

CE Connection

Cholesterol: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Murphy, Kathryn

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 9(3):26-34, May-June 2011.

High cholesterol, especially elevated low-density lipoprotein levels, is a major cause of atherosclerosis. Nurses play a leading role in helping patients manage their cholesterol levels. We show you how.

Your role in infection prevention

Benson, Sandra; Powers, Jan

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 9(3):36-41, May-June 2011.

Nurses have the unique opportunity to reduce the potential for hospital-acquired infections. Utilizing the skills and knowledge of nursing practice, you can facilitate patient recovery while minimizing complications related to infections. We give you the basic strategies you need for positive patient outcomes.