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Nursing Isn’t Easy by Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! provides a deep dive into current clinical topics and insights into the nursing experience. Join the editor each month to learn from a new guest about clinical expertise, industry knowledge, to personal stories in nursing.
Creator: Wolters Kluwer Health
Duration: 22:22
Nursing made Incredibly Easy 
In this episode of the Nursing Isn’t Easy Podcast, we’ll be discussing autoimmune illnesses. Why do they happen? And what’s the science behind them? That’s what we’re finding out today, as we’re joined by Dr. Richard Pullen, a member of the Nursing made Incredibly Easy editorial board for 14 years.
Creator: Wolters Kluwer Health
Duration: 15:49
Nursing made Incredibly Easy  September/October 2022, Volume 20, Issue 5;
Join us for the first episode of Nursing Isn’t Easy, where the journal’s clinical editor, Lisa Lockhart discusses the 25th anniversary of Nursing made Incredibly Easy, her experience writing an editorial column for the journal, and stories from her decades of nursing experience!