March/April 2018 - Volume 16 - Issue 2
pp: 4-55


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Focus on: Myasthenia gravis

Brennan, Jean; Sullivan, Rebecca J.; Bryant, Deborah J.; More

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 16(2):44-49, March/April 2018.

This rare neuromuscular condition is treatable, with most affected individuals living healthy, full lives.

CE Connection

Exploring bariatric surgery

Lockhart, Lisa; Davis, Charlotte

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 16(2):24-31, March/April 2018.

Learn the basics of four common surgical options for adult obesity treatment when diet and exercise have failed to produce significant weight loss.

The red flags of child abuse

Perkins, Amanda

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 16(2):34-41, March/April 2018.

Many nurses will encounter children who are being abused. By identifying signs and symptoms—and reporting them—we can help prevent future occurrences.