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Self-Care for Nurses

  • Creator:   Drew Parent
  • Updated:   4/11/2022
  • Contains:  17 items
Here, read through a wide variety of articles that discuss and promote self-care for nurses.

Toward resilience: Mental wellness for nursing students

Colombo, Karen

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 20(3):34-37, May/June 2022.

Practicing self-care during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial for nursing students to balance their academic lives and for their future success in the nursing profession.

How to recognize compassion fatigue

Lockhart, Lisa

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 20(3):30-33, May/June 2022.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the perfect storm for healthcare workers, but compassion fatigue can be avoided.

The importance of supportive leadership following an unplanned event

Grossman, Valerie Aarne

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 19(5):18-28, September/October 2021.

Although the goal is always to have no errors, the fact is that they will occur. Compassion during the event investigation is crucial for the nurses involved.

Stress debriefing: Making the ICU safe for new nurses

Anniello, Laura W.; Karl, Cherry A.

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 19(3):22-26, May/June 2021.

The critical care work environment is a high-stakes, high-stress setting where moral distress occurs frequently among nurses.

Traits of the resilient nurse

Moore, Amy; Thal, Wendy

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 19(2):21-26, March/April 2021.

The road to emotional resilience is often difficult, but it's through this process of overcoming or adapting that we grow.

Taming the trauma

Ensz, Catherine E.F.

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 19(1):37-41, January/February 2021.

Learn how nurses working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic can positively impact the short- and long-term mental health of their patients and themselves.