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Pregnancy and Pediatrics

  • Updated:   12/7/2021
  • Contains:  20 items
Here we've gathered articles on pregnancy and pediatric topics.
CE Test

An overview of abortion in the United States

Perkins, Amanda

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 19(4):47-53, July/August 2021.

By furthering our knowledge and understanding, nurses can improve the care received by patients seeking and receiving this procedure.

Caring for children with septo-optic dysplasia

Julian, Marcia K.; Nguyen, Akilia Hang

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 19(1):20-27, January/February 2021.

Nurses involved in the care of children may encounter this brain disorder, which occurs in 1 out of 10,000 live births.

A guide to newborn assessment

Scannell, Meredith; Puka-Beals, Emma

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 17(4):26-33, July/August 2019.

Nurses who work in areas with infants need to be comfortable with conducting a newborn exam because they may be the first to identify a risk or condition that requires intervention.

Caring for adolescents experiencing cyberbullying

Florang, Jesse Edward

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 17(3):34-41, May/June 2019.

Help young patients maintain mental and overall health by using Orem's self-care deficit theory to guide interventions.

Toxic stress in children: Impact over a lifetime

Perkins, Amanda

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 17(2):42-49, March/April 2019.

Healthy development can be impeded by stressful or traumatic events, known as adverse childhood experiences.

Teen issues, part two: Trends in alcohol and substance use

Espelin, Jill

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 16(6):26-33, November/December 2018.

The good news? Teenagers are drinking, smoking, and taking drugs less than they used to. The bad news? The latest fads are easier to conceal and readily available.

Congenital heart block in neonatal lupus erythematosus

Pullen, Richard L. Jr.; Branson, Marietta

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 16(5):44-53, September/October 2018.

NLE occurs in 1 out of every 15,000 live births annually and accounts for 85% of all cases of congenital heart block in the absence of cardiac structural abnormalities. Here's what you need to know.

Teen issues, part 1

Perkins, Amanda

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 16(5):24-32, September/October 2018.

The teenage years can be a confusing time in which myriad social and emotional factors come into play. We take a look at some of the challenges our adolescent patients may face.

Immunizations: What nurses should know

Perkins, Amanda

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 16(4):30-37, July/August 2018.

Negative attitudes toward vaccines have existed since they were developed even though they're important for population health. Learn what you can do to educate parents, patients, and families.

Postpartum depression: Beyond the “baby blues”

McKelvey, Michele M.; Espelin, Jill

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 16(3):28-35, May/June 2018.

By screening all pregnant and postpartum women for mood and anxiety disorders, we can promptly identify PPD—a significant health problem that threatens the safety of mothers and their families.

The red flags of child abuse

Perkins, Amanda

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 16(2):34-41, March/April 2018.

Many nurses will encounter children who are being abused. By identifying signs and symptoms—and reporting them—we can help prevent future occurrences.