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Articles by Charlotte Davis, BSN, RN CCRN

Exploring bariatric surgery

Lockhart, Lisa; Davis, Charlotte

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 16(2):24-31, March/April 2018.

Learn the basics of four common surgical options for adult obesity treatment when diet and exercise have failed to produce significant weight loss.

Not just feeling blue: Major depressive disorder

Davis, Charlotte; Lockhart, Lisa

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 15(5):26-32, September/October 2017.

Nurses may encounter patients experiencing depression in acute care hospitals, long-term-care facilities, and outpatient areas, not only on behavioral health units.

Bullying on the unit

Lockhart, Lisa; Davis, Charlotte

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 15(5):1-3, September/October 2017.

Develop healthy work environments to combat bullying; improve communication; increase retention; and promote safe, patient-centered care.

The pathway to open disclosure

Segobiano, Aaron; Lockhart, Lisa; Davis, Charlotte

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 13(4):16-21, July/August 2015.

By acknowledging medical errors through transparency and provider engagement, we can improve healthcare quality and outcomes.

Managing the mayhem of Clostridium difficile

Davis, Charlotte; Thompson, Brenda; Stone, Andrea; More

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 13(4):38-46, July/August 2015.

CDI is a major healthcare-associated infection. Learn how to recognize it early and prevent its spread.

Celebrating nurses: Sarge's healing powers

Davis, Charlotte; Brothers, Kandie; Miller, Diane

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 11(6):22-24, November/December 2013.

The story of how one nursing team transformed a veteran's recovery by partnering him with a service dog.