September/October 2018 - Volume 16 - Issue 5
pp: 4-55


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Teen issues, part 1

Perkins, Amanda

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 16(5):24-32, September/October 2018.

The teenage years can be a confusing time in which myriad social and emotional factors come into play. We take a look at some of the challenges our adolescent patients may face.

CE Connection

HIV update: Where are we now?

Shannon, Mary

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 16(5):34-41, September/October 2018.

Although there have been many advances in the past 30 years, HIV remains a healthcare concern throughout the world. Nurses play a critical role in educating patients about HIV transmission, treatment, and prevention, as well as identifying at-risk patients for preexposure prophylaxis.

Congenital heart block in neonatal lupus erythematosus

Pullen, Richard L. Jr.; Branson, Marietta

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 16(5):44-53, September/October 2018.

NLE occurs in 1 out of every 15,000 live births annually and accounts for 85% of all cases of congenital heart block in the absence of cardiac structural abnormalities. Here's what you need to know.