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Patient Safety

  • Updated:   4/16/2019
  • Contains:  40 items

Quality improvement tools for nursing practice

Harkness, Turna L.; Pullen, Richard L. Jr.

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 17(3):47-51, May/June 2019.

Do you want increased patient safety and better clinical outcomes without breaking the bank? Get involved with the QI process.

Evaluating older adult self-care capacity

Moore, Amy; Merrill, Emily

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 17(2):34-41, March/April 2019.

In multiple settings, nurses have opportunities to observe patients' abilities to make decisions and live safely at home.

Strangulation: What every nurse must recognize

Scannell, Meredith; MacDonald, Andrea E.; Foster, Corrine

Nursing made Incredibly Easy. 15(6):41-46, November/December 2017.

Patients who've been strangled are at risk for negative outcomes, both medical and psychological. Learn how to spot the signs and symptoms, and how best to care for these patients.

Disaster planning: Are you ready?

Kirwan, Michelle Maybell

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!. 9(3):18-24, May-June 2011.

Increasing emphasis is being placed on emergency management. It's important for nurses—no matter where they work—to have basic training in disaster management and mass casualty incidents. We give you the lowdown.