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May 2017 - Volume 12 - Issue 3
pp: 4-48


Professional Enrichment

Innovations in Practice


The secrets of synthetic drugs: A guide for nursing care

Smeltzer, Michelle D.

Nursing Critical Care. 12(3):14-22, May 2017.

The rapid development of synthetic drugs and their ever-changing list of ingredients present a chall...

Inflammatory mechanisms associated with COPD: A principle-based concept analysis

Conley, Patricia B.; Kelechi, Teresa J.

Nursing Critical Care. 12(3):24-30, May 2017.

Identification of the attributes, antecedents, and outcomes of inflammation in chronic obstructive p...

A review of novel oral anticoagulants

O'Leary, Geraldine M.

Nursing Critical Care. 12(3):32-39, May 2017.

Recently, a new class of anticoagulant drugs has emerged, called novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs), ...

Posttraumatic stress disorder in critical care nurses

Danella, Nicole; Hamilton, Sharece; Heinrich, Chelsea

Nursing Critical Care. 12(3):40-46, May 2017.

This article summarizes the research on and evidence-based practice for posttraumatic stress disorde...