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September 2013 - Volume 8 - Issue 5
pp: 4-48


Strive for a balanced approach to solving problems

Nursing Critical Care. 8(5):4, September 2013.

If you look for problems, you'll invariably find them wherever you look, but if you search for what'...

Heart Beats

Topics in Progressive Care

Decoding Genetics

What you need to know about pharmacogenomics

Cheek, Dennis J.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(5):12-15, September 2013.

Advances in pharmacogenomics—the science of how our DNA affects medication metabolism—can improve pa...


What's new in sepsis?

Foran, Catherine K.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(5):16-21, September 2013.

Is your facility up to date with the new Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines for managing severe se...

Effective communication at change of shift

Capek, Justin; Pascarella, Jane; Wymard-Tomlinson, Danielle

Nursing Critical Care. 8(5):22-24, September 2013.

Find out how one facility used a change of shift reporting protocol to improve patient information h...

Pulmonary embolism: Know the signs, act fast, save lives

Simko, Lynn C.; Culleiton, Alicia L.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(5):26-31, September 2013.

One-third of patients who develop pulmonary embolism die. Here's how to recognize the problem and in...

Systems biology in critical care nursing

Schallom, Lynn; Thimmesch, Amanda R.; Pierce, Janet D.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(5):36-43, September 2013.

Take a predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory approach to healthcare using systems ...