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July 2013 - Volume 8 - Issue 4
pp: 4-48


Heart Beats

Topics in Progressive Care

Research Rounds


Reaching out to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning patients

Eliason, Michele J.; DeJoseph, Jeanne; Dibble, Suzanne; More

Nursing Critical Care. 8(4):14-19, July 2013.

Learn about family structures, legal issues, and ethical concerns for these patients. Examine your b...

Managing ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Barto, Donna

Nursing Critical Care. 8(4):22-25, July 2013.

Are you up to date with the new guidelines? Catch up on recent changes to better meet the needs of p...

Cirrhosis: A complex cascade of care

Crawford, Ann; Harris, Helene

Nursing Critical Care. 8(4):26-30, July 2013.

Cirrhosis is a complex condition with multisystem effects. By understanding its underlying pathophys...

Ventilator-associated pneumonia: Why does it still exist?

Evans, Sarah

Nursing Critical Care. 8(4):32-36, July 2013.

Here's what you, your patients, and their families need to know to assure that steps for preventing ...

Building infection control reliability

Sherrod, Brad; McQuaigue, Andrea

Nursing Critical Care. 8(4):37-39, July 2013.

Healthcare organizations can achieve safe patient environments and high-quality care by changing sys...