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May 2013 - Volume 8 - Issue 3
pp: 4-48


Heart Beats

MI mimickers: A bad headache

Barto, Donna

Nursing Critical Care. 8(3):6-7, May 2013.

Learn about subarachnoid hemorrhage, one of the conditions with a clinical presentation that can mimic a non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction.

Topics in Progressive Care

Understanding hypernatremia

Schreiber, Mary

Nursing Critical Care. 8(3):8-10, May 2013.

Electrolyte imbalances can have serious consequences in critically ill patients. This article reviews the causes, signs and symptoms, and interventions for hypernatremia.

Decoding Genetics

Research Rounds

Comparing two noninvasive techniques for detecting coronary artery disease

Bunch, Azalea Marie

Nursing Critical Care. 8(3):14-18, May 2013.

In acute care, is coronary computed tomography angiography better than coronary calcium scoring? This article compares two noninvasive techniques for detecting coronary artery disease.


Getting involved in policy and politics

Oestberg, Fredrik

Nursing Critical Care. 8(3):48, May 2013.

By knowing how the political system works and which strategies can effectively influence policy, any nurse can become an advocate at the local, state, or federal level.

Change your appetite: Stop “eating the young” and start mentoring

Echevarria, Ilia M.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(3):20-24, May 2013.

Nurses have an obligation to mentor colleagues and to treat them with respect, trust, and dignity. Learn about the destructive cycle of horizontal violence and how to break the cycle.

The changing face of Clostridium difficile in critical care

Novotne, Tammy A.; Kaseb, Hatem O.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(3):26-34, May 2013.

Patients are younger and the disease is more resistant to treatment—severe cases can lead to pseudomembranous colitis that may require a colectomy, sepsis, toxic megacolon, bowel perforation, and death. Here's what you need to know.

Managing alcohol withdrawal in hospitalized patients

Elliott, Dolores Y.; Geyer, Christopher; Lionetti, Thomas; More

Nursing Critical Care. 8(3):36-44, May 2013.

An estimated one in five patients admitted to the hospital suffers from an alcohol use disorder such as alcohol abuse or dependence. Review how to care for complex patients who experience alcohol withdrawal in the ED or a nursing unit.

Understanding abdominal compartment syndrome

Harris, Helene; Smith, Carla J.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(3):45-47, May 2013.

Refresh your knowledge about this potentially fatal rise in pressure, which can cause organ dysfunction and death if not recognized and treated promptly.