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March 2013 - Volume 8 - Issue 2
pp: 4-48


Heart Beats

MI mimickers: Chest pain and normal coronary arteries

Barto, Donna

Nursing Critical Care. 8(2):6-7, March 2013.

Learn about myocarditis, one of the conditions with a clinical presentation that can mimic an ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction.

Topics in Progressive Care

Understanding hyponatremia

Schrieber, Mary

Nursing Critical Care. 8(2):8-10, March 2013.

Electrolyte imbalances can have serious consequences in critically ill patients. This article reviews the causes, signs and symptoms, and interventions for hyponatremia.

Research Rounds

An evidence-based project to decrease catheter-related bloodstream infections

Shedlarski, Antoinette; White-Williams, Connie

Nursing Critical Care. 8(2):39-43, March 2013.

Read about one facility's project to reduce catheter-related bloodstream infections through an educational campaign to increase staff compliance with bundled interventions for central venous catheter care.


Preventing sentinel events caused by family members

Hyde, Yolanda M.; Kautz, Donald D.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(2):11-13, March 2013.

Well-meaning family members can cause medical errors, that can cause a patient serious injury or death. Family education is the first step to preventing these errors.

Music therapy: Nursing interventions with a beat

Crowley, Jessica

Nursing Critical Care. 8(2):15-17, March 2013.

Research has shown that older adults can benefit from music therapy and that this therapy doesn't need to be formal to be effective. This article focuses on interventions you can use to help patients.

An alternative for managing severe Clostridium difficile

Cook, Jessica L.; Drummond, Christopher; Johns, Minday M.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(2):18-20, March 2013.

Find out about a promising new evidence-based procedure, loop ileostomy with colonic lavage, which has been used at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to successfully reduce morbidity and mortality in patients with severe C. difficile infection.

Managing burn injuries in the ICU

Culleiton, Alicia L.; Simko, Lynn M.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(2):22-30, March 2013.

Learn about the interventions necessary to prevent burn shock and infection, ensure adequate nutrition for healing, and keep your patient on the road to recovery.

Is this patient a candidate for ultrafiltration?

Streets, Kara W.; Vickers, Sharon M.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(2):31-38, March 2013.

Similar to dialysis, ultrafiltration is a type of renal replacement therapy that may be indicated for patients with heart failure who have significant volume overload despite outpatient diuretic therapy. Here's what you need to know about this therapy, which can be safely managed in any telemetry unit or even in an outpatient treatment area that has appropriately trained personnel.

Compartment syndrome of the lower extremities: A pressing issue

Harris, Helene; Smith, Carla J.

Nursing Critical Care. 8(2):44-47, March 2013.

Without treatment, acute compartment syndrome of the lower extremities can cause muscle and nerve damage within 4 hours. Although compartment syndrome is common after trauma, it also can occur in some postsurgical patients and after vein harvesting for coronary artery bypass grafting.