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July 2011 - Volume 6 - Issue 4
pp: 4-48


Decoding Genetics

Alcohol abuse: A complex genetic disease

Pestka, Elizabeth L.; Cronin, Joan B.

Nursing Critical Care. 6(4):5-6, July 2011.

By considering the genetic factors in alcohol abuse, researchers can target treatment more effective...

Research Rounds

Brushing away ventilator-associated pneumonia

Zimmerman, Kari; Domb, Alisa; Brewer, Barbara B.; More

Nursing Critical Care. 6(4):7-11, July 2011.

Meticulous oral hygiene in mechanically ventilated patients can reduce the risk of ventilator-associ...

Tech Talk

Using RSS to stay current

Innocent, Karen

Nursing Critical Care. 6(4):12-13, July 2011.

With RSS (really simple syndication) and a feed reader, the latest news and blog posts are delivered...

Heart Beats

Responding to pulseless electrical activity

Felmlee, Nancy

Nursing Critical Care. 6(4):14-16, July 2011.

Follow this case study in how to respond when a patient develops pulseless electrical activity, char...

Topics in Progressive Care


Changing the status of acute severe asthma

Pope, Barbara

Nursing Critical Care. 6(4):18-25, July 2011.

Acute severe asthma (previously known as status asthmaticus) isn't common in patients in the ICU, bu...

Understanding pacemaker rhythms part 1

Geiter, Henry Jr.; McDowell, Liza

Nursing Critical Care. 6(4):26-34, July 2011.

This first article in a three-part series focuses on basics of the device and recognizing normal pac...

Bad day, or horizontal violence?

Faminu, Femi

Nursing Critical Care. 6(4):35-39, July 2011.

By being aware of horizontal violence and understanding its damaging effects, you'll be better able ...

Are you up to date on the latest emergency cardiovascular care guidelines?

Craig, Karen Jean; Day, Mary Patricia

Nursing Critical Care. 6(4):40-47, July 2011.

The American Heart Association has made several changes to its guidelines and standard algorithms fo...