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  • Creator:   Nursing Critical Care
  • Updated:   9/5/2018
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Articles by career counselor and master networker Rod Colon and content about professional concerns for critical care nurses.

Developing nurse leaders from within

Strickler, Jeffery; Bohling, Stephanie; Kneis, Clare; More

Nursing Critical Care. 11(5):15-17, September 2016.

Education and promotion from within help clinical nurses make the transition into management and other leadership roles.

Run your nursing career like a business

Colon, Rod

Nursing Critical Care. 7(3):22-26, May 2012.

Despite a nursing shortage, the recent recession ushered in a trend of hospitals becoming more selective in choosing new hires and demanding more from staff. Reframe your self-image from a powerless employee to the powerful, in-charge CEO of Me, Inc., and learn how to stand out from the crowd.