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​​​​​Nursing2020 Critical Care, a peer-reviewed journal, presents the latest practical clinical and professional information in a clear, concise, hands-on approach, so critical care nurses can apply this information to everyday practice.

Wherever nurses care for patients—the ICU, CCU, cath lab, PACU, telemetry, progressive, or transitional care—each bimonthly issue of Nursing2020 Critical Care offers vital information on topics that boost readers' assessment and intervention skills to the next level.

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Greg Samios 

Vice President, Publishing
Jayne Marks

Vice President, Health Learning, Research and Practice
Jennifer E. Brogan

Chief Nurse
Anne Dabrow Woods, DNP, MSN, RN, CRNP, ANP-BC 

Senior Director, Publishing and Conferences
Theresa M. Steltzer

Daniella Thoren

Advertising Sales Director, Career, Events and Education
Ben Crowe

Director, Sales & Audience Solutions
Natalie McGroarty

Executive Director of Marketing
Keith Follweiler

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Audience Development & Marketing​
Deb Benward

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Diane Shapiro​
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Joyce Siat

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Tom Pitofsky
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Editorial Director
Karthika Cohen, MS, MA

Managing Editor
Haley K. McKinney, MBA

Associate Digital Editor
Tarun Kunwar

Senior Clinical Editor
Denise D. Hayes, MSN, RN, CRNP

Clinical Editor​
Kimberly Yoon, MSN, RN, CRNP

Publishing and Analytics Associate
Andrei Greska

Design Director
Edward W. Rosanio

Managing Editor, Production
Erika Fedell

Production Editor
Maureen Brady

Print Production Coordinator
Stacie Gantz