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You may have noticed a proliferation of articles in our most recent issues that address topics beyond purely clinical concerns. As we plan each issue of Nursing2017 Critical Care, we think long and hard about what information critical and acute care nurses really need—and over and over again, we've heard that you're more than just the heart of patient care. You're also contending with a constant mix of personal aspirations, emotionally charged encounters, changing technology, competing priorities, demands from leadership, and a shifting healthcare landscape.

This stressful reality and “new normal” for nurses is gaining recognition. In fact, the American Nurses Association's theme for National Nurses Week 2017 (happening this month, from May 6 through 12) is The Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit.1 It's a time to celebrate nurses like you who lead the charge for health and wellness, even as you champion those values and opportunities for others.

Nursing2017 Critical Care is on board. With the addition of our new department, Professional Enrichment, and a variety of pieces that address burnout, exhaustion, and the emotional side of critical care nursing, we're working hard to highlight the realities of working in such a challenging field and support you (as always) with practical, evidence-based strategies that help you in your day-to-day practice.

In this issue alone, for example, you'll find an insightful feature addressing nurses' mental health—namely, posttraumatic stress disorder, and what clinical nurses, nurse leaders, and organizational leadership can do to prevent and combat this insidious disorder. (Wolters Kluwer Health has also recently developed a free mobile app designed to give nurses rapid access to trusted PTSD information; visit And our Pearls story is full of spirit—one nurse describes what drives him to care for his fellow veterans.

I encourage you to take time this National Nurses Week to do one positive thing for yourself. Even if you only have time for a few deep breaths, you've earned it! For our part, we're recommitting ourselves to bringing you the highest quality, most timely, and most relevant information possible. Please join us in celebrating the Year of the Healthy Nurse!



    Chloe Falivene, MA

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