August 2022 - Volume 52 - Issue 8 : Nursing2022

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August 2022 - Volume 52 - Issue 8
pp: 6-64



Drug News

Nursing. 52(8):8-9, August 2022.

New combination therapy for melanoma... Potential new treatment for Crohn disease... New seizure dru...



Clinical Rounds

Nursing. 52(8):12-14, August 2022.

Better support needed for nurses, finds survey... High-acuity nurses improve care... Cell phone use ...





Medication Errors

Cohen, Michael R.

Nursing. 52(8):64, August 2022.

AuroMedics etomidate, pantoprazole, and bupivacaine mix-ups...Topical gel dispensed in an ENFit syri...

Engaging nurses through active and experiential learning

Ward, Laura Amber

Nursing. 52(8):31-35, August 2022.

This article presents diverse active and experiential learning strategies that can be replicated in ...

Rising US pregnancy-related deaths

Heavey, Elizabeth

Nursing. 52(8):36-39, August 2022.

The US is the only developed country in the world with rising maternal mortality. This article discu...

Caring for behaviorally challenging patients in nonpsychiatric settings

Shields, Lisa B.E.; Flanders, Kimberly; Mangan, Brian; More

Nursing. 52(8):42-47, August 2022.

This article discusses a pilot study on the use of a behavior support plan to safely address patient...

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care: A guide for nurses

Maragh, Christina; Caicedo, Carmen

Nursing. 52(8):48-50, August 2022.

This article aims to bring awareness to healthcare professionals who work with families, parents, gu...

Risks of practicing without professional liability insurance

Kearney, Kathleen M.

Nursing. 52(8):51-54, August 2022.

This article discusses the risks of practicing without professional liability insurance and offers r...

NCPD Connection

Wildfires: Implications for nurses

Haymond, Reena; Jesrani, Lena

Nursing. 52(8):17-21, August 2022.

Wildfire smoke can travel hundreds of miles from its source, resulting in poor air quality. Exposure...


Laura's last wish

Campbell, Michael A.

Nursing. 52(8):40-41, August 2022.

Nurses are mediators and advocates for patients. The author shares how he advocated for his mother-i...