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December 2018 - Volume 48 - Issue 12
pp: 6-72



Drug News

Drug News

Nursing. 48(12):9-10, December 2018.

FDA cracks down on kratom products...hospitals mark up drugs by nearly 500%...opioid-related problems on the rise among older adults...antibiotic stewardship is less than optimal in telemedicine settings...lorcaserin beneficial for diabetes prevention

Advice P.R.N.

Advice P.R.N.

Nursing. 48(12):11-12, December 2018.

Who should seek medical advice before receiving the flu vaccine? to apply the HIPAA Privacy Rule during a natural implications for nurses who sign a patient's document as a witness

Learning Curve

Clinical Queries

Clinical Rounds

Clinical Rounds

Nursing. 48(12):17-19, December 2018.

Flu vaccination rates for healthcare workers still stagnant...privacy curtains contaminated with MRSA...congenital syphilis rate hits a 20-year high...and more

Patient Safety

Inspiring Change


Medication Errors

Understanding the role of speech language pathologists in managing dysphagia

Clark, Sarah; Ebersole, Barbara

Nursing. 48(12):42-46, December 2018.

The authors discuss how nurses and speech language pathologists work together to care for patients with dysphagia.

Removing epidural catheters: A guide for nurses

Sawhney, Monakshi; Chambers, Sherida; Hysi, Feliks

Nursing. 48(12):47-49, December 2018.

Review the skills and procedures required for nurses who remove short-term, temporary epidural catheters.

Mass shootings: A call for nursing awareness and action

Glasofer, Amy; Laskowski-Jones, Linda

Nursing. 48(12):50-55, December 2018.

Delve into these best-practice recommendations for nurses and lessons learned from hospitals that have cared for victims of mass shootings.

CE Connection

Ventriculoperitoneal shunts: What nurses need to know

Vacca, Vincent M. Jr.

Nursing. 48(12):20-26, December 2018.

This article discusses the indications for ventriculoperitoneal shunt placement in adults, possible complications, and nursing care for patients following a shunt placement procedure.

Confronting barriers to improve healthcare literacy and cultural competency in disparate populations

Polster, Debra S.

Nursing. 48(12):28-33, December 2018.

Develop the evidence-based, culturally competent skills discussed here to cultivate positive patient- and family-centered nursing care.

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