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November 2018 - Volume 48 - Issue 11
pp: 6-72


Drug News

Drug News

Nursing. 48(11):9-10, November 2018.

Standardizing best practices to prevent medication errors...antidiabetic drugs linked to Fournier gangrene...benefit of low-dose aspirin therapy in older adults is questionable...FDA takes action to ease EpiPen shortages...adverse effects of inappropriate antibiotic use in children

Infection Prevention

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Clinical Rounds

Clinical Rounds

Nursing. 48(11):21-23, November 2018.

Influenza vaccination rates wane as the clinic day progresses...clinicians urged to address issues unique to transgender data on inpatient suicide...and more

Nursing Research

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Drug Challenge


Medication Errors

Medication Errors

Cohen, Michael R.

Nursing. 48(11):72, November 2018.

Beware of nonstandard labels on foreign potassium chloride injection products...concentration confusion on DOBUTamine overwraps...leave slang terms out of verbal orders

Limiting FODMAP consumption for patients with IBS

Heavey, Elizabeth; Daniel, Eileen

Nursing. 48(11):54-57, November 2018.

Teach patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) how a diet low in specific fermentable substances can help them reduce symptoms.

Staying safe: Responding to violence against healthcare staff

Strickler, Jeffery

Nursing. 48(11):58-62, November 2018.

Nursing must overcome a culture of acceptance or tolerance of violence in the workplace. Follow these guidelines to defuse potentially violent situations and protect patients and staff alike.

CE Connection

Enhanced recovery after cardiac surgery program to improve patient outcomes

McConnell, Gina; Woltz, Patricia; Bradford, William T.; More

Nursing. 48(11):24-31, November 2018.

Follow the journey to implementing a cardiac-specific enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) program in a community-based health system.

The C. difficile puzzle: Putting it all together

Chapman, Christie; Foley, Catherine

Nursing. 48(11):34-40, November 2018.

Nurses have an important role in the submission of appropriate stool specimens for C. difficile infection (CDI) testing. By conducting focused patient assessments, nurses can help reduce the risk of CDI overdiagnosis and potentially harmful overtreatment.

New Horizons

Enhancing communication skills with additional language acquisition

Lundgren, Laura

Nursing. 48(11):43-45, November 2018.

Communicating with non-English-speaking patients can strengthen nurse-patient relationships and prevent errors. This article explores why nurses should pursue additional language skills and discusses how to get started.