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October 2018 - Volume 48 - Issue 10
pp: 6-72




Alejandro, Josefina Inoturan; Pleasants, Elizabeth A.; Shookhoff, Mary Lou

Nursing. 48(10):8, October 2018.

Thankful for the publishing opportunity...was this case too complicated for a nursing student? overlooked key to solving the opioid crisis

Drug News

Drug News

Nursing. 48(10):9-10, October 2018.

Certain drug combinations can improve outcomes in patients with multidrug-resistant bacteria...FDA approves treatment for smallpox...triple drug combination for hypertension gets results...hope for certain patients with HIV/AIDs

Learning Curve

Clinical Queries

Legal Matters

Clinical Rounds

Clinical Rounds

Nursing. 48(10):19-21, October 2018.

Hand sanitizers may be losing their luster...The Joint Commission issues an advisory on pressure injury prevention...gender bias hampers research into the opioid epidemic...and more

Patient Safety

Inspiring Change

Infection Prevention

Medication Errors

Evaluating competence and confidence using simulation technology

Kiernan, Llynne C.

Nursing. 48(10):45-52, October 2018.

To examine the role of simulation training in educating nurses and reducing clinical errors, the author describes a research project designed to determine the effectiveness of deliberate practice and simulation technology.

Radiofrequency ablation-induced esophageal perforation

Mitchell-Brown, Fay; McPherrin, Mandy

Nursing. 48(10):58-62, October 2018.

Explore the pathophysiology, diagnostic testing, and nursing care for patients who develop an esophageal perforation following this common treatment for drug-refractory symptomatic atrial fibrillation.

CE Connection

Keeping up-to-date with diabetes care and education

Funnell, Martha M.; Freehill, Karein

Nursing. 48(10):22-29, October 2018.

The American Diabetes Association publishes standards of care that are updated annually by a panel of experts. This article describes evidence-based approaches to care and education for adults with diabetes and highlights revisions in the 2018 Standards of Care that are relevant to nurses and patients with type 2 diabetes.

New Drugs 2018, part 3

Hussar, Daniel A.

Nursing. 48(10):32-43, October 2018.

Learn about select drugs recently approved by the FDA, including 3 new antibacterial drugs, 14 antineoplastic drugs, and 4 drugs indicated for rare disorders.

New Horizons

Advancing the profession: The clinical nurse educator

Brennan, Jean; Olson, Evelyn Louise

Nursing. 48(10):53-54, October 2018.

Emphasizing required skills, knowledge, and education, this article describes the role of clinical nurse educators (CNEs) and the best practices CNEs can use to optimize education for nurses.


Caleb's story

Thress, Shelly R.

Nursing. 48(10):56-57, October 2018.

One critically ill infant's surprising experience profoundly influences this nurse's perspective on supporting families through end-of-life decisions.