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January 2012 - Volume 42 - Nursing Career Directory Supplement 2012 1
pp: 4-50

Stretching beyond your comfort zone

Laskowski-Jones, Linda

Nursing. 42(1):4, January 2012.

Nursing practice is changing, and you need to reach far to be the best you can be. Find the tools for professional growth in this issue.

Reap the benefits of certification

Fights, Sandra D.

Nursing. 42(1):10,11, January 2012.

Want to become certified in your specialty? This practical article tells you exactly what you need to do to achieve this career-enhancing milestone.

Preparing successful grant proposals

Pullen, Richard L.; Mueller, Sheryl S.

Nursing. 42(1):21,22, January 2012.

To receive funding for a project, demonstrate that your organization has carefully planned its proposal. Here's how to make your case.

How to finance your dreams of further education

Smith, Linda S.

Nursing. 42(1):28,30-33, January 2012.

If you're ready to take the next step in your educational journey, this comprehensive guide will help you find the resources you'll need.

Your guide to certification

Nursing. 42(1):43-55, January 2012.

A sampling of requirements for certification in a wide range of specialties. For the complete listing, see

Multidisciplinary communication strategies for Magnet® success

Turner, Pamela; Milligan, Louise M.; Crady, Kim M.; More

Nursing. 42(1):45-47, January 2012.

How a communications committee helped one large hospital system achieve Magnet success.