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January 2010 - Volume - Supplement to Periodical Publications
pp: 2-12

ID, Stat: Rapid response to in-hospital stroke patients

Daly, Mary Lu; Orto, Vicky; Wood, Cheryl

Nursing. :2-6, January 2010.

Patients who enter the ED with a suspected acute stroke are rapidly identified and receive appropriate treatment quickly. But patients already admitted for another reason are less likely to receive prompt stroke treatment. Here's how to preemptively address this issue.

The legalities of nursing documentation

Campos, Nikki K.

Nursing. :7-9, January 2010.

To meet the expectations of the public, nurses must fully understand the duties associated with their position as set forth by not only governing bodies, but also the institutional policies and procedures affecting their practice. One particular duty that deserves significant emphasis is the requirement of complete and accurate documentation related to patient care, which includes what's done to and for the patient and how particular decisions about care are made.

Developing a quality landscape

Montalvo, Isis

Nursing. :10-12, January 2010.

As national efforts to improve quality of care and patient safety continue to grow, it's important to note that the substantial influence and contribution to care of nurses and the nursing profession are being increasingly recognized.