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November 2009 - Volume - Supplement to Periodical Publication
pp: 2-12


“New and improved” web presence

Kepshire, Bob

Nursing. :2, November 2009.

Check out our new, more personalized website that combines publication content and various media to enable innovative collaboration and sharing among nursing professionals.

Career Zone

A passion for education

Conlon, Patrick

Nursing. :6-7, November 2009.

A true passion for education drives this quintessential professional from Chicago. See how he facilitates change for the better for countless individuals with diabetes.

Clinical application of noninvasive ventilation

Kallus, Chris E.; Oldmixon, Cecilia M.

Nursing. :3-5, November 2009.

What are the current recommendations and available technology in the application of NIV for the two most common uses in the acute care setting: the management of respiratory failure in COPD and acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema?

Portable ultrasound for PICC placement?

Johnson, Michael A.; McKenzie, Linda; Tussey, Sandra; More

Nursing. :8-12, November 2009.

Over the past two decades, the need to provide safer and longer term I.V. access for inpatient and outpatient populations has increased. Review this case study for possible implementation merits within your facility.