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July 2009 - Volume - Supplement to Periodical Publication
pp: 2-12


Get ready for reform!

Kepshire, Bob

Nursing. :2, July 2009.

Get ready to reform! Whatever your political stance, one thing is for sure: Healthcare reform is on its way. Just how this reform will take shape is anyone's guess, but the onus is on us to provide the highest possible quality care.

A Man's World

Mismatched and misunderstood?

Doucette, Jeff

Nursing. :12, July 2009.

There comes a time in everyone's career when you wonder if you've made the right choices. The first and most important step to take when you're in a professional rut is to recognize it.

“High reliability” in healthcare

Kemper, Carol; Boyle, Diane K.

Nursing. :3-7, July 2009.

What if your unit had no medication errors in over 150 days? What if no incidents causing patient harm had occurred in over 3 years? A unit functioning at this level can be described as highly reliable, meaning that although high-risk processes are performed day after day, there are very few errors. How can you help lead your organization to high reliability?

How hot is too hot?

Burgess, Dan Paul

Nursing. :8-11, July 2009.

More people die in the United States each year from heat stroke than hurricanes, lightning, tornados, floods, and earthquakes combined. Fifteen percent of people with heat stroke are at risk for death, and 20% who survive have residual brain damage. Fortunately, heat stroke is preventable. So what exactly is heat stroke? In this article, you'll learn to recognize its symptoms and initiate early intervention.