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May 2009 - Volume 4 - Supplement to Periodical Publication
pp: 2-24


Sky's the Limit

A Man's World

A focus on ultraviolet keratitis

Miller, Spencer

Nursing. 4:12-16, May 2009.

Acute ultraviolet photokeratitis is the number one radiation injury to the eye—and it has numerous causes. Here's how you can best assess patient condition.

Translating traditional into creative through e-learning

McNamara, Laura J.

Nursing. 4:17-19, May 2009.

E-learning programs build confidence and skills by using technology to provide nurses with real-life scenarios.

Combining rapid response with monitoring

Michaels, Damon R.; Nelson, Donna; Card, Elizabeth; More

Nursing. 4:20-23, May 2009.

Case study: Quickly recognizing slight changes in patient condition on a postsurgical unit.