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January 2008 - Volume - Career Directory
pp: 6-39

Weighing the benefits of a job offer

Howell, Susan

Nursing. :6, January 2008.

Before you accept that great job offer, think about the wide range of benefits that come along with it, from health care coverage to opportunities for advancement.

Explore occupational health nursing

Fitzpatrick, Carol

Nursing. :8,10, January 2008.

An interesting case history introduces the complexities of occupational health nursing and case management. Find out how nurses can use their skills in the workplace.

School nursing: Are you up to the challenge?

Hull, Mona Duplantis

Nursing. :12,14, January 2008.

Learn how school nursing has evolved into a technically challenging field. Do you have what it takes to enter this demanding profession?

Should you parlay your nursing experience into a legal career?

Brous, Edie

Nursing. :16-17, January 2008.

Discover three legal fields that are open to nurses with various levels of training. Then consider whether to pursue a career as a nurse attorney, nurse paralegal, or legal nurse consultant.

Explore the world of nursing in the OR

Thomas, Bernadette

Nursing. :18-19, January 2008.

The OR is like nothing else. If the field of perioperative nursing intrigues you, here's what you need to do to move into it.

Specialty certification organizations

Wolf, Patricia

Nursing. :20-21, January 2008.

Keep this chart handy in case you want to contact these groups to become certified, renew your certification, or get more information.

Essentials of a Magnetic work environment

Kramer, Marlene; Schmalenberg, Claudia; Maguire, Pat

Nursing. :23-27, January 2008.

Get the highlights from Nursing's award-winning series about what makes Magnet hospitals click.

What's the state of interstate licensure?

Nursing. :36, January 2008.

Are you a travel nurse crossing the country–and state borders? Learn the ins and outs of license requirements in different states.