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January 2007 - Volume 37 - Career Directory
pp: 8-39

A closer look at nurses' salaries

Mee, Cheryl L.

Nursing. 37:8-10, January 2007.

See how your salary compares to that of colleagues across the country in this summary of Nursing2006's annual salary survey.

How to find a nursing job online

Bartholomew, Kathleen; Knapp, Kim

Nursing. 37:12-14, January 2007.

Use these practical pointers to find nursing job openings, research and connect with potential employers, and scope out possible new locations–all while protecting yourself from identity theft.

Reentering the workforce confidently

Letvak, Susan

Nursing. 37:16, January 2007.

The time is right. Follow our guide to getting back into the workforce, from verifying your license status to making sure you have a mentor at your new job.

Professional portfolio: a snapshot of your career

Sherrod, Dennis

Nursing. 37:18, January 2007.

Demonstrate your nursing competence by assembling a record of your professional and personal growth, goals, and achievements.

Travel Nursing

5 reasons to consider travel nursing

Woods, Anne

Nursing. 37:34-35, January 2007.

Besides potentially making more while you travel around the country, did you realize you might reap career benefits as well?

Understanding the challenges of e-learning

Billings, Diane M.

Nursing. 37:36-37, January 2007.

Here are some pros and cons of learning via the Internet as well as practical tips. Whether you're a travel nurse or not, this learning method might just suit your needs.