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Fall 2006 - Volume 36 -
pp: 4-19

What you need to know about facial fractures: Quick, appropriate interventions can save your patients life and improve her chances for a face-saving recovery

Day, Michael W.

Nursing. 36:4-9, Fall 2006.

Learn how to intervene quickly and appropriately to save your patients life …and her face.

Gangstas—not in my hospital!: Gang violence is a real and prominent threat in any health care environment. Can you recognize and manage the risks?

Adams, Kelly M; Russell, Helen; Walukewicz, Christine

Nursing. 36:12-13, Fall 2006.

Find out how to recognize and manage the risks of gang violence in your emergency department.

Triaging our EDs: Here's what's ailing them and how implementing seven strategies can improve patient care

Robinson, Kathy S.; Jagim, Mary M.; Ray, Carl E.

Nursing. 36:14-16, Fall 2006.

Emergency departments are having their own emergency as they cope with less staff and more patient visits. Here are seven strategies to solve the problem.

Solving a pleasant problem: To help a child stay calm for sutures, I tried putting a new twist on a favorite distraction technique

Makrevis, Celeste

Nursing. 36:17, Fall 2006.

Putting a twist on a favorite distraction technique helped my young patient stay calm for sutures.