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Spring 2006 - Volume 36 - 5
pp: 4-25

Heads up on cerebral bleeds

Reddy, Lourdes “Cindy Santoni

Nursing. 36(5):4-9, Spring 2006.

Bleeding in the brain requires prompt intervention. Find out how to assess your patient and respond appropriately.

Everybody out!

Bowers, Paula J.; Maguire, Margaret Lynn; Silva, Patricia A.; More

Nursing. 36(5):12-13, Spring 2006.

Could your facility's evacuation procedures withstand a disaster?

Bleeding in pregnancy: What's the diagnosis?

Hoyt, Gina

Nursing. 36(5):16-18, Spring 2006.

Placenta previa and abruptio placentae can threaten the life of mother and fetus. Learn the key differences and how they affect your plan of care.

Avoiding a crowd in the ED

Honeycutt, Linda Jinks

Nursing. 36(5):20-21, Spring 2006.

Is your facility suffering from a lack of inpatient beds? Find out how one hospital solved the problem.

Is it a kidney stone or abdominal aortic aneurysm?

Gendreau-Webb, Rosalyn

Nursing. 36(5):22-24, Spring 2006.

One's fatal, one isn't, but the symptoms are very much alike. Find out how to intervene quickly and appropriately.