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Spring 2006 - Volume 36 - Supplement
pp: 4-24


Harrington, Linda

Nursing. 36:4-5, Spring 2006.

Nurse-administered propofol sedation is controversial—but becoming more common. Learn what you need to know to practice it safely.

Carotid artery stenting: New hope for blocked vessels

Macari-Hinson, Margaret; Moore, Carol; Morley, Margaret

Nursing. 36:14-20, Spring 2006.

If your patient can't have traditional surgery for stenotic carotid arteries, then this minimally invasive procedure might be the answer.

What's causing your patient's chest pain?

Pope, Barbara B.

Nursing. 36:21-24, Spring 2006.

Chest pain isn't always cardiac in origin. Here's how to determine the problem and intervene appropriately.