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August 2005 - Volume 35 - ED Insider Supplement 8
pp: 4-31

Demystifying biphasic defibrillation

Amato-Vealey, Elaine; Colonies, Patricia A.

Nursing2005. 35(8):6-11, August 2005.

This technology lets you use lower energy levels, reducing the risk of injuring patients. Here's what you need to know.

Making trauma education real

Fort, Charles W.

Nursing2005. 35(8):14,19-20, August 2005.

Human patient simulators can mimic various conditions and respond realistically to interventions, helping clinicians perfect their skills and learn from their mistakes.

Family presence during resuscitation

Marrone, Lauren; Fogg, Catherine

Nursing2005. 35(8):21-22, August 2005.

Should you let the family in during a resuscitation attempt, or are you just asking for trouble?