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October 2004 - Volume 34 - Med/Surg Insider Supplement
pp: 2-22

Managing heart failure: What you need to know

Christensen, Dawn M.

Nursing2004. 34:4-9, October 2004.

Stay up-to-date about the recognition, management, and treatment of this common disorder.

Take the load off by choosing the right support surface

Maklebust, JoAnn

Nursing2004. 34:12-15, October 2004.

A wound care expert tells you about pressure-reducing surfaces and how they can help protect your patient's skin from breakdown.

Giving your patient a voice with a tracheostomy speaking valve

Bier, Jacqueline; Hazarian, Leon; McCabe, Donna; More

Nursing2004. 34:16-18, October 2004.

Small but powerful, a speaking valve can improve your patient's well-being. Here's how to use one safely.

4 reasons to consider travel nursing

Woods, Anne

Nursing2004. 34:20-22, October 2004.

Think you're tied to a job or town? Maybe not. Here are some ways travel nursing can boost your personal and professional growth.