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Clinical Rounds

Nursing. 52(12):12-14, December 2022.

New survey findings on healthy work environments for nurses... Blood tests predict death or severe disability for TBI... New bioengineered cornea can restore eyesight... suPAR levels and venous thromboembolism in COVID-19... Leisure activities may lower dementia risk... Dirty instruments risk surgical-site infections and reimbursement loss

Hereditary angioedema: A rare but serious and commonly misdiagnosed disease

Zacek, Lisa

Nursing. 52(12):44-50, December 2022.

Hereditary angioedema is a rare and commonly misdiagnosed disease. This article discusses how nurses can assist in identifying disease hallmarks and provide emergency care, patient support, and education.

Gratitude journals can improve nurses' mental well-being

Cumella, Kelly

Nursing. 52(12):58-61, December 2022.

Gratitude journals can support nurses' emotional health by improving stress management and offering an opportunity for overall self-reflection.

Medication Errors

Cohen, Michael R.

Nursing. 52(12):64, December 2022.

Externships offer nursing students opportunities to augment their clinical experience and bridge the gap between education and practice.

Health information technology: Ethical concerns in nursing practice and research

Thompson, Sondatre M.

Nursing. 52(12):40-43, December 2022.

This article describes the ethical issues that arise with the use of health information technology in everyday nursing practice as well as in research activities, and outlines options for mitigation.