Damage control: Differentiating incontinence-associated dermatitis from pressure injury

Mistaking incontinence-associated dermatitis for an early stage pressure injury can result in ineffective treatment and possible deterioration to full-thickness injury. These guidelines and photos will help nurses identify subtle differences, particularly in patients with dark skin, and differentiate, classify, and document these injuries correctly.

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Caring for a patient with a desmoid tumor

Although defined as benign, these slow-growing, invasive fibroblastic tumors can cause significant morbidity and, in rare cases, death. This comprehensive article explains who's at risk and describes how to assess and care for patients diagnosed with desmoid tumors.

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Lessons from a Visionary Leader: Inspirational Thoughts by Richard Hader, PhD, NE-BC, RN, CHE, CPHQ, FAAN

When Richard Hader first entered the offices of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins to interview for the Editor-in-Chief position of Nursing Management journal, we knew right away we were gifted with a shining star in healthcare leadership.

Courage was a prominent theme in Rich's editorials--choosing courage over complacency, whether it's the courage to be creative, take risks, or sometimes even to say "no." It's our hope that these words offer you newfound courage and inspiration to reach even greater levels of leadership within your healthcare organizations.

A compilation of the best-loved excerpts from nearly a decade of monthly editorials that Richard wrote for Nursing Management as Editor-in-Chief, Lessons from a Visionary Leader is a must-have for all nurses. Treat yourself or a colleague to this inspirational book today!

Available in print copy or eBook on Nursing Center, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.