Periodontal disease: What nurses need to know

Nurses may be the first clinicians to spot signs of periodontal disease in their patients. This article discusses periodontal disease in adults, its effects on patients' health, and practical steps nurses can take to help patients prevent or reverse its harmful effects.

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New Drugs 2018, Part 2

Delve into this review of nine drugs recently approved by the FDA, including two drugs to treat atopic dermatitis, two medications for patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis, and an important treatment advance for patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

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Lessons from a Visionary Leader: Inspirational Thoughts by Richard Hader, PhD, NE-BC, RN, CHE, CPHQ, FAAN

When Richard Hader first entered the offices of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins to interview for the Editor-in-Chief position of Nursing Management journal, we knew right away we were gifted with a shining star in healthcare leadership.

Courage was a prominent theme in Rich's editorials--choosing courage over complacency, whether it's the courage to be creative, take risks, or sometimes even to say "no." It's our hope that these words offer you newfound courage and inspiration to reach even greater levels of leadership within your healthcare organizations.

A compilation of the best-loved excerpts from nearly a decade of monthly editorials that Richard wrote for Nursing Management as Editor-in-Chief, Lessons from a Visionary Leader is a must-have for all nurses. Treat yourself or a colleague to this inspirational book today!

Available in print copy or eBook on Nursing Center, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.