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Understanding psychosis

Psychotic behavior is often unpredictable. This article details the etiology and diagnosis of psychosis and nursing interventions to provide appropriate care.


You can't fake purple

Caring for her elderly mother after surgery, the author shares an unforgettable experience when her nurse expertise needed to intervene to help manage her mother's panic attack. She also shares how her mother benefitted from guided imagery meditation.


Investigating acute hepatitis of unknown origin in children

In late 2021, the CDC was alerted to a cluster of children with hepatitis of unknown etiology at a US hospital. Similar reports began to emerge out of Europe. This article discusses the systematic investigation into these cases.


Promoting civility and safety with cognitive rehearsal

Uncivil behaviors have detrimental consequences that can impact healthcare team cohesion, resulting in conflicts and poor teamwork. This article details civil and uncivil behaviors and how the latter affects healthcare, and provides a tool to prepare nurses for uncivil encounters.