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End-of-life care

  • Updated:   5/13/2022
  • Contains:  49 items
These articles provide guidance on caring for patients at the end of life.
CE Test

Caleb's story

Thress, Shelly R.

Nursing. 48(10):56-57, October 2018.

One critically ill infant's surprising experience profoundly influences this nurse's perspective on supporting families through end-of-life decisions.

Double vision: When a dying patient's family member is also a nurse

Tesh, Anita; Kautz, Donald D.

Nursing. 47(5):50-54, May 2017.

Discover strategies to help nurses participate in decision making and caregiving for a family member who's actively dying in the hospital.

Enhancing end-of-life care for terminally ill psychiatric patients

Steves, Faith; Williams, Tommy

Nursing. 46(8):54-58, August 2016.

Find out how nurses caring for these patients can battle the stigma of mental illness and improve access to quality end-of-life care.

Supporting the patient's spiritual needs at the end of life

Finocchiaro, Darlene N.

Nursing. 46(5):56-59, May 2016.

Even patients who aren't “religious” have spiritual needs at the end of life, but these may not be recognized or addressed. Use a simple assessment tool to help patients identify what they still hope for as death approaches.

Improving cultural competence in end-of-life pain management

Martin, Elisha M.; Barkley, Thomas W. Jr.

Nursing. 46(1):32-41, January 2016.

Cultural beliefs shape each patient's definition of a “good death.” This article explores cultural factors influencing end-of-life pain assessment and management and offers suggestions for caring for culturally diverse populations.

Physician-assisted suicide: A nurse's perspective

Harris, Chelsia Danielle

Nursing. 44(3):55-58, March 2014.

What role do—or should—nurses play in this controversial end-of-life intervention? This article considers the issue from all angles based on Oregon's Death with Dignity Act.

Is palliative sedation right for your patient?

Arnstein, Paul R.; Robinson, Ellen M.

Nursing. 41(8):50-54, August 2011.

Explore the clinical and ethical implications of administering sedation at the end of life to relieve intractable suffering.