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Preventing pressure ulcers

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  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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A collection of articles from our archives about prevention of pressure ulcers.
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Nursing2014 survey results: Wound care and prevention

Ayello, Elizabeth A.; Baranoski, Sharon

Nursing. 44(4):32-40, April 2014.

Do you use best practices to prevent pressure ulcers and to manage them if they occur? Here, two nationally known experts discuss nurses' responses to their latest comprehensive wound care poll and compare them with responses to a similar poll taken in 2005.

Taking steps to prevent pressure ulcers

Blaney, Wendy D.

Nursing. 40(3):44-47, March 2010.

Here's how nurses implemented evidence-based practices in their unit to improve patient care, minimize complications, and reduce costs.

Pressure ulcers: The stakes just got higher

Meehan, Marge

Nursing. 39(10):45-47, October 2009.

To improve patient safety and ensure reimbursement, make sure you understand the new nursing assessment and documentation standards detailed here.

PROTECTING PATIENTS FROM HARM: Preventing pressure ulcers in hospital patients

Ayello, Elizabeth A.; Lyder, Courtney H.

Nursing. 37(10):36-40, October 2007.

Nurses and hospitals are feeling the pressure to prevent these painful and costly complications. Follow the six steps detailed here to keep your patient's skin intact. This is the third article in a series highlighting practice initiatives promoted in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's 5 Million Lives Campaign.

Pressure ulcers: A renewed awareness


Nursing. 36(8):36-41, August 2006.

Wake up to what all nurses need to know about pressure ulcers. Read about evidence-based initiatives for preventing and managing these debilitating wounds to make sure you're meeting current patient-care standards.

Take the load off by choosing the right support surface

Maklebust, JoAnn

Nursing2004. 34:12-15, October 2004.

A wound care expert tells you about pressure-reducing surfaces and how they can help protect your patient's skin from breakdown.