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Magnet Recognition

  • Updated:   5/13/2022
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This collection puts together recent articles about Magnet recognition: What it is, what it means, and how to get there.

Magnet® hospitals are attracted to the BSN but what's in it for nurses?

Hawkins, Janice E.; Shell, Anita

Nursing. 42(3):50-52, March 2012.

As more hospitals apply for Magnet status, nurses might feel pressure from their employers to earn a BSN—but that's a good thing. This article explores the many benefits to nurses who earn a BSN, changing practice for the better.

The Magnet® journey of a community hospital

Wallace, Barbara

Nursing. 111(1):30-31, January 2011.

Magnet status isn't just for large urban hospitals-discover how one community hospital achieved its goal and what nurses at your facility can learn from the experience.

The Magnet site visit: Your time to shine

Conerly, Caroline; Thornhill, Lisa

Nursing. 40(1):36-37, January 2010.

Use this nuts-and-bolts guide to prepare for a Magnet site visit, then reap the rewards of your hard work.

Sweet steps to an active nursing research program

Moore, Stacey S.; Singleton, Wendy W.

Nursing. 39(12):47-49, December 2009.

Based on candy taste preferences, an innovative research project helps bring a hospital's research program up to Magnet standards.

Essentials of a Magnetic work environment

Kramer, Marlene; Schmalenberg, Claudia; Maguire, Pat

Nursing. :23-27, January 2008.

Get the highlights from Nursing's award-winning series about what makes Magnet hospitals click.