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  • Updated:   5/12/2023
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Medical respite post-hospitalization for adults experiencing homelessness

Hadenfeldt, Cindy; Todd, Martha J.; Hamzhie, Chelsea

Nursing. 53(3):47-52, March 2023.

This article discusses how one community coalition assessed gaps in care that might be met by establishing medical respite in the community.

The nursing profession circa 2030

Boston-Leary, Katie; Stone, Bobbie

Nursing. 52(12):34-39, December 2022.

This article outlines urgent issues and necessary steps for measurable change in nursing practice and work environments by 2030.

Evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and research: A visual model

Grys, Crystal A.

Nursing. 52(11):47-49, November 2022.

Understanding the key similarities and differences between quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research can help improve nursing practice. This article presents visual models to illustrate the relationship between these processes.

Learning through practice: Enhancing students' communication skills in community-based nursing

Sensenig, Julia A.

Nursing. 52(4):46-50, April 2022.

This article discusses the implications of a collaborative service-learning program at a nursing center, particularly in improving nursing students' communication skills, and its potential for successful replication in other community health nursing settings.

How to identify predatory journals in a search: Precautions for nurses

Oermann, Marilyn H.; Nicoll, Leslie H.; Carter-Templeton, Heather; More

Nursing. 52(4):41-45, April 2022.

This article shares guidance to help nurses effectively appraise information and their sources, distinguish predatory from legitimate journals, and conduct due diligence.

Nurses' role in addressing social determinants of health

Tiase, Victoria; Crookston, Cathryn Degraff; Schoenbaum, Anna; More

Nursing. 52(4):32-37, April 2022.

This article discusses the tools to screen for social determinants of health (SDOH) and key considerations for nurses and nurse leaders to advance the integration of SDOH information into their workflows.

Issues in patient identification during COVID-19

Jones-Darnell, Tracy

Nursing. 52(3):38-40, March 2022.

This article presents cases of patient misidentification during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to illustrate the critical importance of positive patient identification.