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  • Updated:   12/29/2022
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Informed refusal: A patient's right?

Peterson, Kathleen

Nursing. 52(9):15-20, September 2022.

This article discusses the principles of informed consent and informed refusal (IR) in the context of patient-centered care and evidence-based practice, the right of patients to refuse care when properly informed, and the implications of IR for nursing practice.

Risks of practicing without professional liability insurance

Kearney, Kathleen M.

Nursing. 52(8):51-54, August 2022.

This article discusses the risks of practicing without professional liability insurance and offers recommendations for nurses, especially those facing a state board of nursing investigation, malpractice lawsuit, or criminal charge.

Cannabis dabbing: An emerging trend

Mullins, Mary Frances

Nursing. 51(5):46-50, May 2021.

Cannabis dabbing is the recreational use of extremely concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychotropic cannabinoid derived from the marijuana plant. In this article, the author details the significant health and legal risks associated with dabbing and discusses how nurses can educate patients.