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Best of 2020

  • Creator:   Drew Parent
  • Updated:   12/18/2020
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Here, read through a collection of our best articles of 2020.
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Preventing and identifying hospital-acquired delirium

Volland, Jennifer; Fisher, Anna; Drexler, Diane

Nursing. 50(1):32-37, January 2020.

The authors discuss how to distinguish delirium from dementia and depression in hospitalized patients.

Direct-to-consumer genomic testing: Are nurses prepared?

Flowers, Elena; Leutwyler, Heather; Shim, Janet K.

Nursing. 50(8):48-52, August 2020.

Based on one individual's experience with genomic testing, the authors address the challenges of interpreting test results and discuss nursing considerations for integrating these results into clinical practice.

Chronic fatigue syndrome: What nurses need to know

Bush, Marianne

Nursing. 50(4):50-54, April 2020.

This often-misunderstood disorder affects multiple body systems. Learn about signs and symptoms in adults, diagnostic criteria, treatment, and patient education.

Supporting nurses' mental health during the pandemic

Owens, India T.

Nursing. 50(10):54-57, October 2020.

During the pandemic, rapidly changing institutional policies have altered the roles of many nurses on the front lines. This article offers practical suggestions for supporting nurses in these challenging times.

The elephant in the room

Roberts, Deborah C.

Nursing. 50(12):42-46, December 2020.

Nurses of color refrain from speaking up about racism they experience from patients, White peers, coworkers, and higher-ups. Racism is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. This article examines the barriers that may prevent nurses of color from speaking openly about racism and encourages all nurses to speak up and out against racism in nursing.

Nursing2020 survey report: Empowering language in healthcare

Jones, Michael

Nursing. 50(12):47-49, December 2020.

Responding to our nationwide survey, nurses provide insights into the use of empowering language in healthcare: a person-first, strengths-based approach to talking with patients that includes a commitment to bias-free and destigmatizing language.