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Self-care for nurses

  • Creator:   Drew Parent
  • Updated:   3/26/2021
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Here, read through a wide variety of articles that discuss and promote self-care for nurses.

What if the bully is the manager?

Bond, Mary J.; Birkholz, Lorri J.

Nursing. 50(3):48-52, March 2020.

Bullying can occur at all levels of nursing, and anyone can be a target. Focusing on vertical violence in the workplace, the authors discuss the prevalence of incivility in the nursing profession and offer strategies to identify and neutralize bullying behaviors.

Combating compassion fatigue

Perregrini, Michelle

Nursing. 49(2):50-54, February 2019.

Explore practical strategies that can help nurses recognize compassion fatigue, take steps to combat it, and support coworkers who may also be struggling with it.

Compassion fatigue: The cost of caring

Boyle, Deborah A.

Nursing. 45(7):48-51, July 2015.

Underrecognized, poorly understood, and minimally researched in nurses, compassion fatigue can lead to burnout. Find out what's known about this condition so you can recognize and address early warning signs.