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Year of the Nurse and Midwife

  • Updated:   5/13/2022
  • Contains:  4 items

Mentoring millennials for nursing leadership

Bittner, Aubrey

Nursing. 49(10):53-56, October 2019.

A millennial nurse manager discusses generational conflicts in the nursing workforce and proposes strategies to support millennial nurses as they advance toward leadership positions.

Artificial intelligence: Essentials for nursing

McGrow, Kathleen

Nursing. 49(9):46-49, September 2019.

This overview of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare settings examines basic AI concepts and the role of nurses using this cutting-edge technology.

Evolution of the national opioid crisis

Morland, Rebecca

Nursing. 49(5):51-56, May 2019.

Opioid use disorder, addiction, and overdose have become a public health crisis. This article explores the evolution of substance abuse in the US and provides an update on initiatives aimed at reining in the opioid epidemic.